This is a review from one of our adopters!

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One of our adopters wrote a wonderful article about her adoption experience with Save A Mutt Kennel!


I Got My Best Friend From The Dog Pound, video by Betty Sue Haynes

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I Got My Best Friend From The Dog Pound, video by Betty Sue Haynes.

I Got My Best Friend From The Dog Pound, video by Betty Sue Haynes

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This is a video of some of the dogs that we have saved from the kill shelters in our area. I hope you enjoy it.

I Found My Best Friend At The Dog Pound, By Betty Sue Haynes

Michael Vick’s Dogs, Cool Video Please Watch

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Why Spay/Neuter Is The Right Thing To Do For Your Pet!

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I wanted to compile a list of Spay Neuter resources for our area. First I want to touch base on some key points why spaying and neutering is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. I know people have the right to do what they want to with their animals. I am just asking everyone to be open minded and think about what I am saying.

Responsible and ethical breeders have their place in the world. I have no problem with the breeders who do things by the book, but to breed your dog or cat to just be breeding is careless and wrong. If you are a responsible breeder you breed to BETTER THE BREED not to just make a quick buck by letting Fido and Fife go at it thinking that the pups that result will make you a few bucks. To be a good breeder you need to do your research as to what 2 animals will compliment the best in each other. You should never pair animals with too many faults or the same faults together because that will give you imperfections that are multiplied in the resulting off spring. You should study genetics and really care about what the end result will be.

Many people don’t know it but altering their pet reduces mammary cancer in females and testicular cancer in males. If you have never witnessed a beloved animal suffer with these forms of cancer, then you are blessed. The fact is, the chances can be lessened with spaying and neutering. Why take a chance of letting your pet suffer with these forms of cancer when you can do something about it now?

Altering makes the pet more at ease and happier. An altered pet has less behavior problems. When the pet does not have all those sex hormones surging through their body they are more compliant and relaxed. They can enjoy just being your best friend without the worry of being the robot that nature programmed them to be. The drive to procreate is very strong for them. It is just natural.

Another added benefit I discovered over the years is , If you have a dog with demodex mange when you have them altered it reduces the flair ups. The sex hormones can trigger flare ups due to stress. This is especially true with females.

I hear people complaining that they are afraid that their dog will get too fat if they have them altered. Sure altered dogs will gain weight because it slows their metabolism down. You can control this by more exercise and limiting their food intake. Weight gain is not a legit reason to deprive your pet of the good benefits of having your pet altered. It just means a little extra work for you, your pet is worth it right?

Neutering also inhibits the urge for a male to mark his territory. Without the sex hormones rushing through his veins, he won’t be peeing on your $2500 couch. That is a good trade off right?

Spaying and neutering is also the best means for population control. If you ever have any doubt that there is a population problem just visit one of the many kill shelters in our area. As an example of what a problem we have in our area, in 2010 Surry County Animal Shelter took in 1982 dogs out of those numbers 1,713 were euthanized because they were not adopted. That is only 236 that made it out of the shelter alive. The total number of cats taken in at the shelter in 2010 was 1,951 cats and 1,835 were euthanized because they were not adopted. That means that only 116 cats made it out of the shelter alive. What a shame, about 90% of the animals in that shelter that died would have been spared if people would have done the right thing by their pets and had them spayed/neutered. People breeding their pets just to be breeding added to those totals as well. You are wearing “rose colored glasses” if you think the excess glut of back yard puppy mill dogs gets a happy ending. NOT!!!! The over population problem is not an issue isolated just in Surry County, but in any kill shelter in the south. If you doubt me, please go online and do a search. The euthanasia/shelter records are public information that you can find on the Department Of Agriculture website for any state.

In the past 3 years we have re-homed well over 600 animals. 95% of those animals we pulled from kill shelters. We had each spayed/neutered and vetted and worked the quirks out the best we could and we found them new forever homes. About 85% of our animals are re-homed in northern states such as Ct, NY, NJ, NH, RI and many other northern states. We personally delivered these dogs to their new homes. For the past couple years we made monthly trips to take our rescued babies to their new lease on life.

My point being, I have walked the isles of many kill shelters looking at the pleading eyes of the unwanted dogs. I have gazed into the eyes of dogs and cats that KNEW they were going to die. Any idea how hard it is choosing who is going to live and get a chance at a new lease on life? It is very hard. My dreams and heart has always been haunted by the ones I had to leave behind. The saying “You Can’t Save Them All” is so damn true, and it rings in my ears and resonates in my soul. I hate those words, no matter how harsh they are, they stand strong. They will always stand strong when it comes to the matters of “pet over population”. Until we do something to make people see the light that spaying and neutering saves future suffering for millions and millions of unborn dogs and cats. Not being born is better than being thrown in a gas chamber, or dieing by lethal injection or heart stick at a GOD FORSAKEN kill shelter. How would you like to take your last breath like that? Picture yourself gasping as your heart stops beating and the last viable thought you have in your dying brain is “no one loves me”. That is a grizzly picture isn’t it? GOOD, maybe you will get the point. Animals do not deserve to die like that either!

People say they can’t afford spay/neuter. They complain that prices are too high. My response to them is. You have a cell phone right? You go out to eat each week? You buy cigarettes? The point being you are buying something you can do without each and every week. Why can’t you give up one of your luxuries for a small amount of time to be able to save up money to have your pet fixed? If you are not willing to do that, then you don’t need a pet to begin with.

There are exceptions to every rule though. I have met people who really need help with the cost of spaying and neutering. I have met people with a heart of gold, that would give their last bite of food and take from themselves just so their animal could have what they need. Those are the types of people who deserve help. Maybe they have fallen on hard times? I admire people who don’t ditch their pets when going gets hard. For those people, there is always help. All it takes is a little elbow grease and dedication to do some research to look for the available options.

Surry Spay Neuter Clinic
Located in Ararat NC
Low Cost Spay/Neuter

Mayberry 4 Paws
Spay/Neuter financial assistance for those in Mt.Airy NC who need help.


Humane Solutions
You can obtain a voucher for $55 to use at many area clinics for spay/neuter!


Central Spay Neuter Clinic
Kernersville, NC
Low cost spay/neuter clinic.

If you can’t travel to the above clinic, groups such as Carolina Canine in Mt.Airy provides transport to the clinic 1 to 2 times per month. .

Also Stokes County Humane Society offers something similar

Save A Pet Foundation
Helps residents with spay/neuter in Alleghany County NC.

Patrick County Animal Welfare Society
(276) 694-2378
Offers financial assistance for county residents who need help with Spay/Neuter.

Angels Of Assisi
Roanoke VA
Low cost spay/neuter clinic

Mountain View Humane
Low cost spay/neuter Christiansburg VA.


Holly Help Spay Neuter Fund

Located in Bristol VA!


Margaret B Mitchell Spay Neuter Clinic
Bristol VA.
They have transport from Wytheville and other areas. We have used this clinic alot over the years.

If you have any resources to add to this list please let me know. I will be happy to add to my list.

45k Dogs, Cats Euthanized in Year at Triad Animal Shelters

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I grabbed this from here,0,2357768.story

FOX8 Staff Writer

10:00 p.m. EST, January 25, 2012
Sarah Johnson and three coworkers at the Stokes County Animal Shelter euthanize pets every day, but they said it never gets easier emotionally.

“I don’t think everybody is aware of how big the problem is and the pain it causes,” said Johnson, a life-long florist who became an animal control officer at age 54.

Records from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture (view PDF) show Triad shelters put down more than 45,000 dogs and cats in 2010, the latest numbers available. That averages to one animal every 12 minutes.

Statewide, nearly 250,000 animals were euthanized at shelters in 2010.

Johnson, who said the animal control job has become her life calling, said they try their best to save every pet’s life.

“When we do the put to sleep list, there will always be one that one of us wants to hold back and if we have room we do. If we don’t have room, we can’t,” Johnson said, crying.

Johnson made it her mission to get as many pets adopted as possible. She turned to Facebook and created a page for the shelter.

The page has picked up more than 2,000 followers in the past two years, as well as thousands of others who share the photos. The adoption rate has jumped from 10 percent to 17 percent, despite the down economy, all thanks to Facebook.

Adopters are not only from the Piedmont. They are from as far away as Ohio, Arkansas and even Canada.

“The friends on Facebook keep it motivating, but seeing them leave out the front door instead of the back is even more motivating,” Johnson said.

Johnson has an art exhibit currently on display at the Stokes County Art Council’s Apple Gallery on Main Street in Danbury. The exhibit will include some of the thousands of pictures she’s taken, as well as work from local and national artists.

A reception takes place Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., and artwork will be auctioned off there. Proceeds will go toward shelter improvements, as well as education programs to teach others to spay and neuter pets.

In the video at the top of the page, Chad Tucker goes deeper into Johnson’s story. Below, you will find information and links to other shelters.

Help paying for pet spaying and neutering:

More on pet overpopulation:

Triad animal shelters on Facebook:

Forsyth County Animal Control

Guilford County Animal Shelter

Randolph County Animal Shelter

Rockingham County Animal Shelter

Stokes County Animal Shelter

Yadkin County Animal Shelter

If you want to volunteer, you can contact your local animal shelter for any volunteering opportunities.

My Review Of Patrick County Chamber Of Commerce

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Chamber Sign
(Picture Of The Patrick County Chamber Of Commerce Sign From Their Website!)

I want to share my experience with the Patrick County Chamber Of Commerce. This wonderful asset to the community is stationed in the quaint town of Stuart Virginia. It was an honor to be affiliated with such a great bunch of Patrick County people. The Chamber welcomed me Betty Sue Haynes and my web design/web hosting business Techbydesign with open arms, as you can see by the notice they published on their website 2-6-07

Tom Bishop, the executive director of the Chamber was a huge influence on me joining. He took the time to talk with me and answer my many questions. He patiently explained to me in detail what my business would gain by joining. He always returned my calls and my emails promptly when I had to contact him throughout the year.

On many occasions when Tom would travel to business expos where he would be representing Patrick County, he would call me and ask me to send my business advertising material so he could distribute it out. His devoted efforts at advertising was the direct result of my landing several large web design jobs of the course of the year. I am very thankful to him for representing my business in the professional light that he always presents for every one of his chamber member’s itineraries.

One of the main things I liked about being a member was the fact that I was not treated like I was just another client. Tom Bishop took the time to get to know me and my business. He always kept me updated on happenings in the community and he had a way of making me feel like part of the family. He is a very informative individual who has the best interest of each and every business owner in Patrick County. Thank you Tom Bishop for being in my corner, and thank you for the service you lend to our county.

Patrick County Chamber Of Commerce

Patrick County
Chamber of Commerce
20475 Jeb Stuart Highway
P. O. Box 577
Stuart, Virginia 24171

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